Multiple cards, same content

The Cardsync Power-Up enables you to create and manage groups of cards that will have all their names, descriptions, due dates, comments, attachments, custom fields and checklist changes mirrored into each other, even across multiple boards.

Get it on Trello

You can use Cardsync to


Below are 3 actual Trello cards that belong to the same syncing group. You can comment on them to see the comment being synced or click here to trigger a name change in the first card (there may be some slowness because Trello embedded cards aren't as reactive as Trello itself).


Enable the Power-Up directly on Trello, then perform a quick setup by authorizing with your own account, then selecting a syncing bot from our list of pregenerated bots and that's it.


All Power-Up installations start automatically with a 64-day free trial with unlimited groups. If you need more time to experiment with Cardsync please reach us!


Use the menu that will show up on each Trello card to start, stop and manage sync behavior.

Getting help

You can read more at our Trello Power-Up page, try making contact at our Trello board or by submitting the form on the right.